When it comes to movies, Valentine’s Day is usually a holiday for romantic comedies and dramas. Superhero films are more associated with summer blockbusters and year-end extravaganzas, but that’s not all they’re good for. In fact, several classic superhero films are the perfect movies to watch with a significant other.

From the Man of Steel’s 1978 classic to several movies starring Marvel’s resident Webslinger, certain superhero movies are just as romantic as any rom-com. On top of that, their mix of tender moments with great action and other concepts makes the genre the most well-rounded way to tell love stories. Here are a few capes and tight movies viewers should consider for date night around February 14th.

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Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie Is the Original Superhero Love Story

The 1978 Superman film is a lauded classic in many respects, but perhaps its greatest element is the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane. The iconic scene in which the two fly together is one of the movie’s highlights, as it showcases both Superman’s otherworldly abilities and his humanity. It’s just one of many scenes where two people radiate affection for each other, making the film as much of a love story as it is anything else.

This verisimilitude was a big part of what made the movie such a hit, and despite one of them portraying a flying alien, Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane have undeniable chemistry with each other. It culminates in Superman actually going against his father Jor-El’s teaching to save Lois, showing just how much he had come to love her already. Still the gold standard in many ways for how the Man of Steel is portrayed on film, this extends to how his love for Lois is represented, as well.

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2022’s The Batman Has the Best Batman/Catwoman Relationship

Batman and Catwoman’s romantic tension had been portrayed in film before, but perhaps nowhere as well as in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. This movie had a Catwoman and Batman who were in many ways after the same thing, though coming at it from far different perspectives. Batman has an immediate interest in Selina, and it goes far beyond their similar nocturnal occupations.

The two have undeniable chemistry and attraction toward one another, making matters even more complicated for Robert Pattinson’s young version of the Caped Crusader. This ultimately ends their relationship on a bittersweet note, but the sensuous journey up to that point is a treat to watch unfold. It helps that The Batman is perhaps the Dark Knight’s best movie yet, not to mention the most beautifully shot.

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Spider-Man 2 Is Still Spidey’s Best Movie, and It’s a Great Relationship Drama

Spider-Man 2 is one of the best superhero movies ever made, and while the thrills of seeing Spidey fight Doc Ock are exciting, the crux of the film is one involving relationships. These include Peter Parker’s interactions with both his best friend, Harry Osborn, and Aunt May, but the most important relationship of all is his with Mary Jane Watson. Even his actions as Spider-Man revolve around this, as he wonders if he should give up the costume to be with her, all while failing to meet her needs even as a friend.

The almost cloyingly human performances of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst still make the relationship work on screen, even when the script somewhat fails them. The film’s ending especially is a majestic testimony to their love for each other, cementing how much Spider-Man loves Mary Jane.

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Wonder Woman Was All Based Around Love

Wonder Woman was released in 2017, with the Amazing Amazon’s first solo feature film being one of the highlights of the DC Extended Universe (now simply DC Universe) at a time when its entries were incredibly controversial. One major part of the movie is the growing bond between Princess Diana and Steve Trevor, the latter of whom truly does come off as a man who’s found the love of his life.

Diana is the answer to the love he’s been looking for, while he is the soft entry point into her new world. Neither comes off as weaker or inferior in the other’s presence, showing how well they complement each other. Things end on a tragic note for the two, but it’s the power of their love and Diana’s broader love for the world at large that allows her to summon her inner strength and defeat the dark god Ares.