Former co-host Kevin Stahlecker joins Sean in talking about movies that are based on video games. They discuss why it’s so hard for these movies to be successful, what their favorite and least favorite movies are in this genre, their disdain for the Mortal Kombat (2021) movie, and what games they want to see turn into a movie. They also touch on Tom Cruise as Crash Bandicoot, their favorite video games growing up, and why Street Fighter shouldn’t have been called Street Fighter.

Kevin Stahlecker is a long-time comic book and superhero fan, and as a public educator, he is constantly finding new ways to weave his love of pop culture into the classroom. He’s also a co-founder and former cohost of the Captioned Life Podcast.

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The Captioned Life Presents: Video Game Movies With Kevin Stahlecker

Author: Sean Winningham

In addition to writing reviews for Comic Watch, Sean is the host of “The Captioned Life Show”, a podcast/YouTube channel for casual and dedicated comics fan (the show is a member of the Comic Watch family). He is also the senior multimedia producer for The Nerd Initiative. He was first introduced to comics by his uncle when he was young and still remembers to this day reading the first issues of X-Men and Daredevil from his uncle’s comic book collection.In the little spare time he has, he also cosplays and attends conventions with his kid. Sean also spends his time with his family and travel – their favorite places are Walt Disney World and going on a cruise in the Caribbean.