Delphi Ds150e 2021 Newest Cars Trucks Diagnostic Software Tools Automotive Delphis 2020.23 Release with Keygen


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Delphi Ds150e 2021 Newest Cars Trucks Diagnostic Software Tools Automotive Delphis 2020.23 Release with Keygen

What you must know before buying !


1. Q : Which computer systems are supported ?

    A : Win8 or Win10 (Win7 no fit )

2. Q : how do i get the software and keygen ?

    A :  We will send you the download link and password via AliExpress message within 24 hours, usually it only takes 10 minutes if we are online.

3. Q :What you must do before installing ?

    A : Before you install ,TURN OFF your internet connection and windows defender first !  shut down antivirus software!

4 . Q : What if I can’t install it successfully?

    A : Dear friends, we have sold to thousands of customers and almost all of them have successfully installed.

We have a strong after-sales guarantee, if you encounter any problems, you can contact us through AliExpress message.

If you still can’t install it with our help, car repairman store offer a money-back guarantee for no reason!


Engineer reminds you 1:

For those who have tested 2020.23 software, it’s fully working, without bugs, original. It works only on new vci ( 6 digit serial like 100251 clones or any serial number), it does not work on old ones (30250 clone)

The software comes with 1622 firmware, it’s older firmware so that works on all clones, because many clones are 2 board/pcb and cannot use the latest 3200 firmware. older firmware does not work on newer cars (mostly 2015+ or bmw).So to work best use single-board clone or original vci.

Engineer reminds you 2:

1、 The latest version 2020.23, completely restore the real version, is very powerful, the important point: support cars before              2021!!And update the software for free for life ! You never have to waste money going to the auto repair shop anymore.
2、 Friends, This 2020.23 version is Unlimited Version , and it comes with free license , no need activate from us again, it can be  install on multiple computers, it need to be run in the VMware Station.(car repairman store)
3、Friends, if you want to buy Download link we suggest to choose DHL from China / Non-EU Countries, so you don’t need to pay  additional taxes! ! !


Engineer reminds you 3:

1、Our software has full protocols up to date, we have also implemented automatic updates feature, every customer will receive free       upgrades.
2、It is totally new software, not the old 2013 release.
3、It contains recent cars & trucks which are fully working, functionality is 99,99% as original.
4、You will be able to do diagnostics and coding for every car up to date.
5、This will work with clone hardware with any serial number (default: 100251)


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