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How to activate Office by Phone? Activation Guide

How do i activate office by phone ?

Below is the standard message you will receive to prompt phone activation.
activate office 2019 by phone

If you have the following error message above when trying to activate office 2019/2016 with your license key please see below.
To start the simple process of activation over the phone please see below

Method 1


activate office 2019 by phone

Now click NEXT.

First select your country

Check the example of this windows below.

activate office 2019 by phone
  1. Copy the Installation Id displayed on step 2 to a Clipboard on your PC.
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter the Installation Id you copied to the Clipboard on Installation Id (IDD) box.

4. Select your Office version and click GET.

activate office with getcid

5. Copy the Confirmation ID (CID).

activate office with getcid

6. Enter the Confirmation ID (CID) on A B C.. boxes then click Next.

activate office 2019 by phone

7. The activation of your Office is Done.

Method 2

Call Microsoft Center


activate office 2019 by phone

Now click next to NEXT.

You will see the telephone activation section.

First select your country, this will enable Microsoft to generate you a phone number to call.

If the number does not work

Please Call the phone number that match your country.

An example of this windows is below.

activate office 2019 by phone

Follow the steps below for how to activate office 2019 via telephone:

– Start by calling your chosen number.

– Now press option 1 to consent to call recording.

3 – Enter the auto generated security number if asked on the telephone keypad.

4 – Now press option 3, do NOT press option 2, this will fail activation.

– Now press option 1.

Microsoft will now ask for your Installation ID, type it into your telephone keypad carefully.

-You will now be asked how many uses, press 0. (The reason we choose 0 as you have not activated this on any PC yet)

-The automated system will now verify your Installation ID and generate you a Confirmation ID

* (if not see bottom of page)

-Type the Confirmation ID into your PC carefully and press next.

-Your activation is successful and fully installed on your PC.

10 -now press option 2 on your telephone keypad to complete the activation.

Please see the image below.

* If you have any issues collecting your confirmation ID please Email us your activation ID.
Once we have this we will process your activation ID and send you your confirmation ID.
You will also need to send us your order number.​