The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey opens up about how Pedro Pascal helped her on her gender journey, saying they had many conversations about it.

The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey opened up about how Pedro Pascal helped her on her gender journey.

Ramsey discussed all things The Last Of Us and how it relates to her gender identity in a recent interview with GQ magazine. The actor previously stated that she identifies as non-binary, and that she doesn’t have a preference for any specific pronouns. Ramsey revealed that she received a great deal of support from her The Last Of Us co-star Pedro Pascal, and that they often spoke about gender and sexuality. “And [the conversations] weren’t always deep: they could be funny and humorous, the whole spectrum. We were just very honest and open with each other.” Pascal has also voiced his support for his trans sister in the past. Ramsey mentions the love she feels for Pascal and showrunner Craig Mazin: “I’ve gained two fathers, in a way.”

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Ramsey also discussed her gender identity in relation to the female characters she’s played in the past. “This is what bothers me more than pronouns: being called a ‘young woman’ or a ‘powerful young woman’, ‘young lady,’ but I’m just not [that],” the actor explained. However, the young star made it clear that she still finds it gratifying to play more traditionally feminine characters. “Catherine Called Birdy, I was in dresses. Young Elizabeth, I was in a corset. And I felt super powerful in that. Playing these more feminine characters is a chance to be something so opposite to myself, and it’s really fun.” Both titles mentioned are period pieces in which Ramsey portrays feminine yet headstrong young women. Ramsey is also known for portraying young ruler Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones.

The Last of Us’ Future

The actress additionally touched on The Last Of Us’ current and future LGBTQ+ storylines. After Episode 3, which followed Bill and Frank’s relationship during the apocalypse, the show was subjected to criticism and review bombing. Ramsey stated that she “loved that episode.” The actor also expressed her hopes for the show’s recently announced second season. The Last Of Us Part II deals heavily with gender and sexuality, with Ellie being in a relationship with a woman, Dina. Ramsey hopes to see this play out on screen: “There are a few bits with Ellie on her own, probably, but I like the fact that she also has [Dina] now.”

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Ramsey previously faced backlash for her casting as Ellie before the show began airing. She mentioned to GQ that despite this, filming The Last Of Us was the best year of her life. “As the episodes come out, [they] bring back such good memories.” The actor is not worried about criticism the show might face for including LGBTQ+ storylines in season 2. “I know people will think what they want to think. But they’re gonna have to get used to it,” Ramsey stated. “If you don’t want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that’s on you, and you’re missing out.”

New episodes of The Last of Us air on HBO every Sunday.

Source: GQ