Canva vs Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Which One Is Better? (Comparison Guide)

Canva vs Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Which One Is Better? (Comparison Guide)

The main difference between Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is that Canva offers more features for businesses while Creative Cloud Express caters more to creatives.

In this comparison guide for 2022, we compare the two popular online design tools.

Here’s what we’re comparing:

  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing
  • Usability
  • Mobile App
  • Stock Photos
  • And, more.

Right before the end, we also share a better alternative for easy and free online design with you.

Let’s get started.


Canva vs. Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Which One Is Better for Online Design?


Comparison Point #1: Features

In our first section, we will compare the features of Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

These graphic design platforms have features that allow you to create websites, presentations, documents and all types of visual content.

While both platforms have their strengths, we will explore where Canva and Creative Cloud Express have specific advantages over the other, and whether there’s a better alternative out there.


Canva Feature #1: Real-Time Collaboration

Canva’s real-time collaboration allows you to create designs with your team quickly. Whether you are working on social media posts or an important presentation, Canva makes it easy to collaborate on all of your devices.

1 7

Collaboration is essential because it can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on approving designs and other administrative tasks.

Using Canva, you can easily invite your team, modify editing permissions and begin the design process in minutes instead of days.


Canva Feature #2: Textured Backgrounds

Another great feature that Canva offers is textured backgrounds. Because flat background colors are utilized so often, taking advantage of Canva’s textured background tool is a great way to make your designs unique.

2 5

The textured background tool allows you to make your digital design look more like materials in the physical world. For example, Canva has patterns that look like fabrics and different types of paper.


Canva Feature #3: Precise Cropping Tool

Another feature that Canva offers its users is a precise cropping tool. If you have several photos you are working with, it can be challenging to make sure they all look uniform and on-brand.

3 6

With the Canva cropping tool, you can quickly transform your picture in ways that help to streamline this process and create complementary designs.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Feature #1: Video Stories

Creative Cloud Express’s visual story editor allows you to create high impact and compelling video. You can combine different types of visual elements like photos, video clips, icons, text and animations to create dynamic video content.

Also, you can easily add separate sequences of images, video clips or icons into scenes that have cinematic effects. These cinematic effects help you create quality video stories without extensive editing experience.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Feature #2: Social Media Graphics Creator

The next feature to explore with Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the social media graphics creator. This creator is one of the significant pros of utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express social media graphics maker.

Creative Cloud Express helps you take customization to the next level. You can adjust any aspect of your social media creation until you are happy with the final product.

Additionally, you can adjust color schemes and add text to any graphics. Plus, you add all types of icons, shapes, custom fonts and visual elements.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Feature #3: Animated Effects

Another feature that Adobe Creative Cloud Express has is the animated effects tool. You can easily add animations to any photos or designs quickly.

Creative Cloud Express has an extensive library of animations you can take as examples for your next project.



Both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express have pros and cons when it comes to their feature availability. If you are looking for collaboration, then Canva is a clear winner; however, If you are looking for strong performance on video, Creative Cloud Express deserves your attention.

However, both tools fall short when it comes to interactivity. When you are looking for a way to stand out in the crowded social media landscape, adding interactive animation is an excellent way to increase engagement.

When it comes interactivity, Visme stands out with the ability to easily animate objects and make charts interactive.

Comparison Point #2: Templates

In the next comparison point, we will compare Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express when it comes to templates.

Design templates refer to pre-designed visual assets that you can customize. Most typically, templates are made to conform to existing best practices for the particular type of asset you are using.

Canva Templates

A screenshots of the various templates available in Canva.

Canva’s templates are versatile and can help you bring your unique creative vision to life.

Canva allows you to modify any of the pre-existing images and colors. The ability to alter these elements helps to find alignment between the template and your brand.

Another benefit of Canva is they have over 250,000 free templates available for social media posts, presentations and more.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Templates

Adobe Creative Cloud Express also has over 20,000 templates that you can utilize for your designs. Adobe features preset templates that make use of bold color themes. Additionally, they showcase templates with colorful shapes and dynamic imagery.

colorful shapes and dynamic imagery.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express templates.
Browse thousands of professional templates across 40+ categories! 

Another benefit Creative Cloud Express has when it comes to templates is the existing integration with Adobe Fonts. This integration means that Adobe Creative Cloud Express can feature templates with animated text.



When it comes to templates, Canva is a clear winner on quality. With nearly ten times as many templates as Creative Cloud Express, you will find no shortage of options to browse during your design process.

However, sometimes quality is a better differentiator than quantity.

While Visme has less templates, there is a focus on professional design. Each Visme template is carefully designed to help you create unique visual content you likely won’t find anywhere else with minimal effort.

Create any type of social media graphic with Visme!

  • Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates
  • Add and alter icons, colors, fonts, images and more
  • Personalize anything to fit your brand image and content needs


Comparison Point #3: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express utilize a similar model. You can download both apps for free. However, if you would like access to premium features, there is a subscription cost.

With these similarities in mind, we will move on to explore the different levels of access and cost for premium features across both Canva and Creative Cloud Express.


Canva Pricing

Canva pricing.

Canva has a robust free setting with the following features available.

  • 250,000+ free templates
  • Access to many assets like social media posts, presentations and presentations.
  • Hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Invite members to your team
  • Collaborate and comment in real-time
  • 5GB of cloud storage

Canva also has several premium features that you can pay extra to unlock. If your team is yourself and four other people or less, the price is $12.95 per month or $119.40 per year.

The premium costs you unlock with a premium membership include the following.

  • Ability to upload your fonts and logos
  • One-click resize feature
  • 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics free-to-use
  • Save designs as templates for your team to use
  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • Schedule social media content to 7 platforms

Also, if you need to share with more than four more users, Canva has additional costs built into their software.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Pricing

Adobe Creative Cloud Express pricing.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express takes a different approach when it comes to premium pricing. While they have a free starter plan, the features are minimal. Essentially, the starter plan allows you to view the stock photos available to use.

You begin to unlock the premium features when you pay for an individual account. The personal accounts are $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year.  Additionally, Creative Cloud Express offers a 14-day free trial so you can try the features before you purchase a plan.

The individual plan comes with the following features.

  • You can select from thousands of free images and icons for your designs
  • Create from branded templates and themes
  • Personalize any project with your logo, colors and fonts
  • Create,  manage and share your assets with Photoshop libraries in Creative Cloud Express
  • Access the Adobe Fonts and other premium templates



Canva seems to win this category for two reasons. First, Canva has a robust free plan that far outstrips what Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Visme takes a different approach using a freemium model. This model gives you access to many features and templates when you sign up for the free version.

A screenshot of Visme's pricing plans with features

However, if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan — there are three to choose from —you get access to various premium elements, such as exclusive templates, a brand kit to store your logo, colors and fonts, extended download types and more.


Comparison Point #4: Usability

In our next section, we will compare how Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express compare when it comes to usability. Usability includes how easy the content is to read on the apps and whether or not the content is available offline.

Ultimately we will explore how easy it is to use when it comes to navigating the application.


Canva Usability

According to research by usability expert Cassidy Kolczun, Canva has strengths and weaknesses in usability.

For one, the template search process can be challenging for users. Some users find difficulties when they are trying to search for a specific template to meet their needs.

Also, a portion of users had challenges with editing text and design elements. These difficulties with editing were particularly pronounced on the mobile app.

With that said, Kolczun’s research demonstrates that Canva users can create designs even when they are new to the software and lack design experience.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Usability

An analysis of user reviews shows some challenges that Adobe Creative Cloud Express users report when it comes to usability.

Notably, some users struggle with the embed functionality. This struggle causes users to report negative experiences when embedding self-hosted videos on the Creative Cloud Express platform.

Adobe requires you to host any media through Adobe and you may require reviewing their tutorial for how to make this feature work.

Also, when it comes to building websites using the Adobe Creative Cloud Express app, many users request that they want the ability to create multi-page websites. Currently, Creative Cloud Express lacks the required functionality to handle this request.



When it comes to ranking how user-friendly these graphic design tools function as a web app, Canva is the clear winner if you need to embed any video content in your design or build web pages.

However, if you are looking for specific templates, Canva’s confusing search tool may be more a hindrance than a help.

If usability is crucial to you, then Visme is an excellent choice for your graphic design tool. Visme is founded on principles that include making design and usability focal points at the center of building great businesses.

Also, Visme places great value on information design and we put it at the forefront of our content. You do not need a graphic designer to create stunning content for your startup or social media platforms.


Comparison Point #5: Mobile App

In our next section, we will discuss the mobile apps of both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Worldwide, users are demanding better mobile experiences when it comes to their design apps. This demand stems from the fact that many users are doing most of their work from a mobile device or tablet.

This section will explore how both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express perform when it comes to common mobile app challenges like making navigation intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience across the mobile and desktop versions, and if the mobile version adequately helps users meet their goals.


Canva Mobile App

A screenshot of Canva's Mobile App.

Canva’s mobile app is available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

When it comes to Canva’s main value proposition, the app succeeds as many users quickly create professional-looking designs. Additionally, Canva’s mobile app is a useful tool for sharing creations on apps that are often used primarily on mobile devices.

Some of the most salient features for this purpose include the following.

  • Canva’s mobile app enables you to modify filters on all images
  • You can use the live camera feature to see exactly how your design will appear
  • Canva’s mobile app works with Siri to help make your workflow efficient


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Mobile App

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express mobile app.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express’s mobile app looks quite different from its desktop version. The desktop app functionality is split into three separate apps that you’ll have to download individually.

First, if you want to create social graphics, you can download the Adobe Creative Cloud Express app available on both Apple and the Google Play Store.

Next, if you want to create mobile websites using a drag and drop editor, you can download the Spark Page app. Spark Page is only available on Apple devices.

Finally, if you need to use Adobe as a video editing tool, you will need to download the Spark Video app.



When it comes to mobile app functionality, Canva is a clear winner over Adobe Creative Cloud Express and Visme. As a designing tool for mobile, the ability to pack most of the desktop version functionality into the app makes it an excellent tool for those who work on mobile.

Downloading Canva from the app store is a smart move for users who value mobile performance.


Comparison Point #6: Stock Photos

In the sixth comparison point, we will review how both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express perform when it comes to stock photos’ availability.

As a reminder, stock photos are images that are already prepared for use. When photographers of stock photos publish their work, they make it available using a specific license.

One of the significant advantages of using professional design tools is that you gain access to quality stock photos that are not already widely used.


Canva Stock Photos

Canva comes pre-loaded with thousands of high-quality stock photos that you can take advantage of in your designs.

5 7
Additionally, Canva has another benefit that can help you while creating designs.

You can stay inside of the Canva editor while you are selecting a stock photo. The advantage of staying inside the editor is you can quickly test design elements against the stock photos seamlessly.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express Stock Photos

Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a different approach to working with stock photos. Unlike Canva, you need to add a photo to your image library before using it in the editor.

With that said, Creative Cloud Express does have a few impressive integrations you can use on your project. For example, you can upload any images you need from the well regarded Adobe Stock images that Adobe’s other tools like Photoshop and Illustrator are often used.

Additionally, Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes with an integration of the popular stock photo collection called Unsplash.

6 7
Use millions of free stock photos in your designs!                                                                      Unsplash is dedicated to sharing stock photography under a free license. Unsplash includes over 207,000 contributing photographers with over 2 million photos.



Adobe Creative Cloud Express wins this section for a couple of reasons. First, bringing together their well-known library of stock photos that comes pre-loaded in their creative cloud platform is a significant advantage.

Also, the built-in integration with Unsplash makes stock photos a strength for Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

If you’re looking for a design tool that lets you access millions of stock photos and videos, make sure to check out Visme. You can also browse through thousands of free icons and shapes, and upload your own photos and videos to create your personal library.

find the perfect stock photo for your background with visme


Canva vs. Adobe Creative Cloud Express: A Visual Comparison

An infographic comparing Canva and Adobe Spark's features.
Both Canva and Adobe have their strengths and weaknesses, and the tool you decide to pick should depend on your specific needs and usage.

For example, Canva offers a robust and useful real-time collaboration tool. This real-time collaboration makes it an excellent solution for teams working on a design that includes multiple collaborators.

However, using Adobe Creative Cloud Express may be a better fit for an individual designer who wants to work more with video and animation.

When it comes to choosing between Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud Express, it primarily comes down to the design projects that most interest you.

For example, Canva makes it much easier to work across iOS, Android and desktop because it maintains most of its functionality across the platforms.

However, Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes pre-packaged with premium stock photo integrations.


Looking for Another Alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud Express & Canva?

If you are looking for a tool that combines both tools’ strengths, try Visme. With this tool, you can create stunning social graphics, infographics and more.

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